Thursday, May 6, 2010



Now we need just titles for the recipes we want to do doing the coming year! Will everyone post some that they want to try and then we will list the top 34 or so. Just the title not the recipe.
So you dont have to try all 34 recipes that would be one a week for the rest of the year, we want to have fun with this, not to feel pressure about it. We want to have the list ready by next week so everyone think hard and tell us what you want to cook! This is going to be so so much fun. I'm thinking we will have to exersize as well to burn the extra calories off!

Thanks Deanna

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  1. I want to make : homemade egg noodles, chicken wellington, find the perfect sugar cookie, carrot cake, cheese cake, stuffed pork chops, chicken chimichangas, stuffed french toast, home made wheat bread, popover rolls.